No Longer Little Kids

Abbi BoysNo Longer Little Kids

I worked today.

That, of course, comes as no surprise, I work every weekday and the occasional weekend.

My kids, however, didn’t sit idle without me.

I started to realize, in fact, that it wasn’t just my oldest daughter growing up but all my kids who were gaining maturity.

This all came to my head as, while I was working late and fronting a story for my station my kids were miles away. My oldest daughter, with just a few days left in town before going to work on a grant in her college town decided to take my other three kids on an adventure.

This is how I knew they were growing up.

When I was about my middle daughter’s age my older brother used to do all kinds of things with me. I saw concerts with him that I didn’t see with my parents. I helped him move. I went to the music and record stores in bigger cities for the day and came home with new records and delighted in the day.

This was my kids today. They drove all the way to San Jose to visit an Egyptian museum and the exhibit inside.  My daughter delighted in the fact that the same museum she’d seen as a tiny girl with her grandmother seemed just as expansive and exciting today as an adult. She also noticed that one brother stuck by her side and was in awe of every writing, description and piece of information.


The other two, though, ran willy-nilly through the exhibit, finished in what was probably more like 20 minutes and had to go through the entire museum all over again because they didn’t read it all.

I’ve noticed the maturity and age hitting my kids more an more.  Where my son had issues and anger and difficulty after losing his mother he’s learned to accept when things are bad that sometimes he just has no control over it. He also realizes that sometimes walking away is your best defense and if you have to face up to a bully just stand your ground. You may get hurt but that’s enough most times.

I’ve noticed that my sons, who used to be up and sitting at the table ready for breakfast, are now stumbling down the stairs bleary-eyed around 7am as I’m about to walk out the door. That’s a big change and a change, I seem to remember, that hit me as I wanted to stay up later and sleep in as late as possible. I wish I could do that now . . . even on weekends I sleep until about 8 and them I’m up. No matter what. Even if I’ve been out until 12 or 1am the night before.

Still . . . they’re getting to be little versions of adults which isn’t scary. It’s actually quite great. I see them having fun, and while I thoroughly wish I’d seen the exhibits with them, I am thrilled they got this adventure together.

Though it was a spark back to their little kid personalities when they got stuck in traffic . . . and suddenly the frustration and anger that a little kid suffers peeked through.

Still . . . they had an amazing time and I couldn’t be happier. Though it is a little bittersweet to see those tiny kids turning into amazing adults.

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