It’s not often I think social media gives me positive reinforcement – and let’s face it, there are so many arguments and textual screaming matches there isn’t much – but I had some today.

Three years ago, this very day, I posted that picture above to the page. It was a picture taken of my oldest daughter about to head to prom.

Three years.  That had to sink in for a minute.

On the one hand, three years had definitely gone by. I can say that I certainly feel the weight of those three years. I just carry it a little better.

But . . . THREE YEARS?!

2012 was a bit of a battle, I have to admit.  No, I haven’t gone back and read the posts that happened on this day in 2012. I have fond and difficult memories of the time, though.  That dress was a hard battle.  First, Santa brought the wrong dress.  Not that I expect a rotund man in a red suit to know that the hip size and bust size of a young woman can affect what size you have to buy.

But I also remember just the shining moment when the dress was on, the makeup made up, the hair coiffed, and the smiles on the faces.

My daughter, hard and emotional and struggling though she was, was in her dress and happy as anyone I’d ever seen.

I look at those pictures and those three years seem an eternity because, in some ways, they are.

Things have certainly changed. The world, this life we lead, it was new then. It was a little raw, the exposure to the environment of this world still hurt a little. Each new thing was like cloth rubbing on a wound. It hurt with every small movement.

That girl is in college now, in another state. She’s found a whole different part of herself, one she knew existed but is embracing and enjoying more than ever before.


Her siblings are different. They’ve found themselves in their schools as well and are embracing who they are.  I’ve certainly faced a lot of changes myself. I have found I’m ready to go out into the world.  I’ve written new music again. I’m preparing to get a band and hit the studio.  One son is going to be on the student council and in the school news program.  The other is making plays for his class and the teachers love them.

Without realizing it, life crept in and became . . . a life. We live. I’m a little smaller (weight-wise) and the kids are a little bigger (height-wise) and we do things like have a picnic by the town pond and go to Petaluma and help restore the natural flora and fauna to the area.

It’s become abundantly clear that we’ve made our way into this story. The story began four years ago.

Today, it’s still going strong.

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