One of the Guys


One of the Boys

It isn’t often that we run around town and do errands and generally exhaust ourselves.  Still…that’s what this weekend was.  I had Friday off and as a result I took the kids to the movies.

Before all the naysayers look at me and moan “if he doesn’t have  a lot of money why does he go to the movies?” let me defend it by a couple things: first, my kids aren’t into sports.  Not at all.  We go to the park, shoot hoops, toss a football, but organized sports don’t appeal to them.  That being the case, I don’t buy football pads, helmets, cletes, pay dues or hit up the booster club.  I look at taking three kids to the movies, even if it’s in 3D, and it’s not really even close to what parents who live and breathe football or baseball go through to get their kids to the park.

The second thing, I have to say, is that my kids love film.  It’s not the candy or the drinks, though they would love to have that every time if they could . . . it’s the fact that it’s a shared experience.  It’s also the only time I get to see anything without them flapping their jaws the entire time.  Our film this weekend was The Box Trolls, which one of my sons had been dying to see since the first previews.  This, you see, is a stop-motion movie.  My son knows every movie Ray Harryhausen created.  He has the Aardman movies of Wallace and Gromit and Pirates! and Shaun the Sheep.  So this was a chance to see something that falls directly into his sphere of interest.

At the Movies
At the Movies

But a couple other things went on this weekend.  We genuinely screwed around and had a grand old time on Friday.
We tried on funny costumes at Target:


And on Saturday my daughter had a birthday party.  This brought me to one of the few occasions where it was me and they boys.  It isn’t often just the three of us hang out . . . more often it’s one of the girls and me so we made the most of it.  Since their sister had a birthday party we went to eat at a burger joint.  We shot hoops at the park.  We ran around and played video games and genuinely had a good old time.

It’s not often what you’d think is just a run of the mill weekend is an experience . . . but it’s not often we can say we just had fun.

This was new memory making.  There was no sadness, no grief, no memories . . . we simply ran around and acted like the sarcastic, silly, goofy people we all are.  At no point were they thinking there was anything odd with just having their Dad around and nobody thought any differently of any of us.

It was just a fun weekend…and it’s okay sometimes to be one of the guys.

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