Is It Tomorrow?


Is It Tomorrow?

It was a very long week, though fulfilling for me.  I was at a journalism conference and spent a lot of time both learning and teaching, both things I feel privileged to do.  It’s not often something can be so fulfilling and yet so exhausting at the same time.

Still . . . during the entire process I had the ability to call my kids each day.  The time varied, but the wonderful slow pace of their summer made it so the only times I had to worry about were the times when they were eating dinner.   Even so, I occasionally forgot the two-hour time difference and interrupted their meal anyway.

Today I booked the kids’ flight home, though it wasn’t without a lot of wrangling.  Not on their grandparents’ part . . . theirs.

“I’m booking your flight home,” I told them on the phone.
“Is it tomorrow,” I heard from one child?
“Tomorrow?  Well…at least you’re not like your sister who whined she didn’t want to go every day until you got on the plane.”

This drew an inordinate amount of much-warranted sarcasm from the peanut gallery, including her sister, grandparents, and brothers.

“No, it’s not tomorrow,” was my response.  There are a myriad of reasons why.  It’s not that I wouldn’t want them home, I certainly would!  But coming home requires them to be home . . . not outside riding bikes, in the park, helping their grandparents, none of that.  It means they’re sitting in the house, watched by their sister (whose complaint was that she wanted to see her friends.  I informed her, rather impolitely, that she wouldn’t see her friends because she’d be watching her brothers).

The reality is, I’ve been working and wandering other cities for two weeks.  That doesn’t lend itself to being a single parent, either.  So given that . . . they’ve been in far better shape than if I’d left them in hotel rooms for a full day or left to their own devices.

And it’s been good for me to stretch my feet and spread my wings a little.  I met with old friends, met new people and moved around in circles I don’t normally know.

I went to dinner – yes, alone, I actually enjoy that – and bought dessert for a beautiful woman in the corner of a jazz club just to be mysterious.  No.  I’ve never done that, I’m not really smooth, I’m not a “player” and there was a reason for it: hopefully this woman will forever wonder who the man was bought her food and then left, quietly, anonymously from the place.  The mystery will likely always be better than the reality.  I kind of like that!

But in the end . . . I got home from the conference and immediately pulled up the airline sites.  I do miss the kids and I miss my family . . . and it will be great to see them again.

No, it’s not tomorrow.  But it will definitely be soon!

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