I cursed the gloom that set upon us . . .

Re-posting a 2011 piece on my late wife’s Aunt Karol. She was an amazing woman and yesterday would have been her birthday. The post has some dated references, but the sentiments still stand, in absolute sincerity.

Our Story Begins

The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin from the LP Houses of the Holy

Just when I thought 2011 would leave without doing any more damage it had to growl one last time, just to prove  me wrong.  Late Thursday we got word that Andrea’s aunt Karol had passed away.

You’ll notice I used her name, something I usually don’t do when commenting here because I try to keep things private for everyone, but this is one exception I was willing to make.  The reason being the impact this woman had on Andrea was immense.

When I first met my wife, even as a young woman who just started going out with me, she mentioned her aunt Karol.  I realize every family has their favorite aunt or uncle, where the parents love classical music, there’s the rock and roll aunt who exposes you to the stuff you want to know about…

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