Acting my Age?

Dave Matrix

Acting My Age?!

I always hated the phrase “act your age.”  I’ve seen it thrown around on Facebook and social media lately.  Given that credo a 3-year-old would have a license to tear through a store pulling stuff off the shelves and destroying everything.  It’s a phrase people use to tell kids to act responsibly and do what they’re told and the whole nine yards.

But acting your age doesn’t mean you give up on all the things you’ve thought about, either.  Why else, do you think, people have “bucket lists?”  The idea of vacationing to exotic locales: going to New Zealand or Thailand or Egypt…those are things you do because you’re craving difference.  You do those things because – and this is just a theory now – there’s a little part of all of us that thinks, just a little, that they’re Indiana Jones when they go to the desert and see a pyramid.  There’s a tiny part of you that thinks, just maybe, that woman will be standing there by the telescope on the observation deck or the Empire State Building like Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle.

Now . . . sure, the tourists and mad security and violence in Egypt kill your dreams of being Indy fairly quickly.  And . . . well, yes, the observation deck at the Empire State is so filled with people and the line 2 hours long to get up there so the idea that you’ll even be in a state of mind to meet them is simply ridiculous.

But in the end, we all crave it.  We all crave different adventures and places to go and important people to meet.  I’ve been fortunate.  I’ve got a job that, particularly in the early part of my career, let me fly in a biplane doing barrel rolls . . . I’ve met politicians, criminals, grieving families, all of that.  You’d think my life was adventurous enough and I’d want to just sit back and let it all just ride out for the next few decades.

Still, though, I don’t sit back and relax.

My age?  I should be content and happy and spend my days behind a desk making money and then go camping or something.  I guess that would be the ideal.  Suburban bliss.  That’s where things stand right?

But I can’t shake the itches I’ve had since I was younger.  I play the guitar nearly constantly.  I love music.  I love playing live, I love recording, too.

I want to travel.  I want to see the world.

But sometimes you have to take on the responsibilities given to you whether you want them or not.  So no . . . I haven’t gone and seen the pyramids.

But I’ve seen giant sequoias.  I let parrots sit on my shoulder.  I’ve seen lakes and mountains and played music with my daughter and I have walked around the house with a British accent because it makes my kids laugh.

I don’t act my age, if I even knew what age-appropriate was for me.

But what I do is appropriate.  It’s appropriate for us.

One thought on “Acting my Age?”

  1. I walk around the house talking like the Youtube villagers from Villager News (Minecraft) because it annoys my kids LOL.

    Growing up sucks, act like you’re 15 forever!

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