What Are Your 11 Things?

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What Are Your 11 Things?

In my weekly column for Rene Syler’s Good Enough Mother I took the opportunity to do something a bit uncommon for me: I looked at the life of an actor and tell you what you should learn from him.

Bob Hoskins, best known in the US as the actor who played Eddie Valiant in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit passed away from complications due to pneumonia.  He had already been very ill, so much so with a terminal illness that he moved out of the limelight and from the acting at which he was so adept.

Hoskins was asked once to read for Brian DePalma’s The Untouchables and he went in knowing that he would only get the part if Robert Deniro said no.  He was there, on standby, as Deniro hemmed and hawed about it.  Eventually he took the part . . . yet DePalma gave Hoskins 20,000 British pounds for being there.  “If you ever need someone you don’t want in your movie again give me a call,” was Hoskins’ gracious response.

But this isn’t about Hoskins, it’s about his daughter Rosa, a designer and writer who is quite famous in her own right.  She posted an amazing tribute to her father called “the 11 things my dad taught me.”  This came just a day or so after Bob Hoskins’ passing.

My article for Good Enough Mother asks what are your 11 things?

Article: Good Enough Mother: Our Story Begins: What are YOUR 11 Things You’ll Teach Your kids?

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