First Came One Year…

my-family.jpgOur Story Begins: Year One

As we lead up to the third anniversary of my wife’s passing – and that was the spark that ignited my writing here on this blog – I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you what led to this anniversary’s video. (I will post that on Wed., the actual anniversary)

Roughly nine months after Andrea’s passing I wanted to do something to mark the occasion – something that showed the kids, our friends, relatives, even myself, that we had made it.  One year seemed like a milestone.  It was a milestone.

The background you’ll likely need here if you haven’t read Our Story Begins before: on March 26th, 2011, my wife Andrea Manoucheri passed away.  She contracted a strain of pneumonia, which none of us thought was a big deal.  Antibiotics take care of that nowadays, it’s not the 19th century anymore, right?  But what started with a slight cough led to Andrea’s death after less than a week.  She died on the morning of our 18th wedding anniversary.  She and I were only 40-years-old.  We’d been married, on March 26th, at the tender young age of 22.

Fast-forward to 2011 . . . and I was suddenly alone and parenting four kids – two girls and twin boys.  Life was crazy.  In the span of a few short weeks I had lost my wife and was forced to leave my home because we couldn’t pay the mortgage.  (Andrea was the one with the larger salary in our household.  We were a dual-income family)  Within a short time from there . . . I had to change jobs.  I couldn’t afford the Catholic high school so my oldest began her junior year at another school.  Totally out of the blue.

The song for this video was one I’d written for my wife when she was still my girlfriend.  I re-wrote it to reflect the current environment and re-recorded it.  Sadly, it’s a better reflection of the song I’d written for the woman I loved than the original, which I was never totally happy with.  At the time I couldn’t do more than a single take on the vocals so they’re a bit shaky and raw, but I liked it that way.  The whole recording went that way.

Regardless, after a year, we paid tribute to the woman we all loved . . . and those who helped us survive.  We also seemed to leave a spark of hope in the melancholy tone of the video.  It was purposely low-tech and hand-made . . . it matched the patchwork feel our family had that first year.

Our Story Begins: Fly On My Sweet Angel:

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