Life in a Snapshot

I’ve said before, though I don’t know if I’ve said it enough, that what I write here is but a snapshot of our lives.  It’s always been my way of processing grief or facing change or what have you.

But it’s not our whole lives.

At the Movies
At the Movies

I think I got that across with the video we shot for March 26th, my wedding anniversary and the day my wife, Andrea – the kids’ mom – died.  We lost a person who was dear to us, an integral part of our lives.  We’ll always have that label of motherless child, widower, what have you.

But that’s never been what we are.  Not even on the day after she died.

The example I think you should see is that I have also taken just random photos for ourselves, for Facebook (family and friends, not the writer’s page you all have access to) and that I’ve texted to people closest to me.

What you need to understand is that our lives are encompassed in what you likely see as the minutiae of daily activity.

2013-05-05 16.15.332013-05-05 16.15.40Things that you might take for granted or you do because it’s simply a way to ease tension or pass the time we take as a great moments in our lives.  Going to see Iron Man 3 with the kids or just a trip to the park are moments that cause joy.  Embrace the moments and have fun are the theme of our day.  We have the monotony, sure.  We do dishes, vacuum, clean, laundry, cook, all that.  But when I cook, Noah is there with me, rolling chocolate 2013-05-04 17.27.08cookie dough in the powdered sugar with me.  We try to split up the cleaning, and though I tend to get grumpy when it’s not done I still get them involved.  We wash the car together, we do all of this.

We are a family.  It’s hard for a lot of people to imagine.  But then there are those who tell me how amazing it is to see the smiling, amazing shots of the kids with me out and about.

For those who are surprised sometimes it’s because all they’ve seen is that snapshot of our lives.  They see the memory of us at our lowest at a cemetery and are doing double-takes when we are out and bouncing around.

The real thing is that life is always moving forward.  The world turns and we walk across its crust . . . moving even if we are straining to keep every muscle still.  The earth turns…the world orbits…and time continually marches onward whether we think we’re fighting it or not.  So if that’s the case, why not enjoy the journey?

And take snapshots along the way.

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