Paradigm Shift

I mentioned some weeks ago that my focus might change.

That’s happened.

While I won’t abandon my blog here . . . Our Story Begins . . . I have entered another stage of my life and the daily and nightly need to post here has, let’s say, waned.

The purpose has changed as well.

About a month ago I entered a new venture with a good friend of mine named Edgar Solis, a single father from Dallas, Texas.  I worked with Edgar from late 2000 until sometime in 2005.  We were both photographers, both field producers, and both trudging through the muck and mire that is local television news.

More importantly, we both loved to tell a good story.  Right before I moved to a suburb of Sacramento, Edgar and I were bandying about the idea of doing one of those “guerrilla film making” contests where you’re given a topic and several days to shoot a short film about that topic.  Unfortunately, I moved before the contest.

But Edgar and I have remained very good friends.  Our parallels seemed odd.  We both became single parents, though his was through the breakup of a marriage and my marriage broke up through death.  We both were totally new to being the only parent to more than one child, and having children of both sexes was very hard since we didn’t have that other person there to help.  Things like your daughter’s first period, cooking meals, vacations, love, life, dress sizes, panty liners, tampons, sex, love, dating . . . all those things required something akin to changing the chemical makeup of our brains to understand them.

In other words, the very things both our sons and our daughters needed from their Moms . . . God help them . . . was only coming from us.

So what do you do if Dad has to buy your panties or your tampons or your son’s clothes but he doesn’t know what’s popular?  Hair?  Hair products?!  None of this was familiar territory.

So back to the storytelling . . . since we both know video, editing, and storytelling . . . we are going to make this as simple as possible.  We’re going to shoot segments and put them together.

Our new blog begins soon . . . The 365 Dads.    Posts have already begun, including one on laundry, life, what have you.

Once we launch, I’ll let you know, bu the daily grind of writing here and the responsibilities of my day job and freelance work…they’ve become burdensome.

And to be honest, the angst, grief, and stories from my last 20 years…they’ve started to turn into a look to the future.  I’ll still post those emotional stories here.  I just may not post as often as before.

Thank you all for reading, know I haven’t abandoned the readers I have . . . I’ve just, as the last two years’ worth of posts will show . . . changed, hopefully – as Dickens put it – into a better shape.


2 thoughts on “Paradigm Shift”

    1. Thank you! Will be a bit of time, so we’ll likely add some background straight text articles until we get the storehouse of video shot. Living in different cities makes the production harder but not impossible.
      But I’m excited. Time was when I couldn’t see things moving very quickly after being alone. Now, I’m raising my kids and reality is we’ve all grown, a lot, and the time has come to move forward in the way that best serves all our talents. I truly think this is it.
      But I’ll still post here . . . can’t abandon what I started! Just won’t be the daily postings they used to be!

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