Pride but No Fall

Short post today, I have had a long day and it’s very late.

But still . . . a good day.

Never mind the fact I actually got an arrangement and basic tracks for my song/video complete.  Just need better vocals.

Never mind that Hannah, my middle child, picked out a dress and sweater and is getting up early to do her own hair for school pictures in the morning.

The Boys, during our March trip to NE
The Boys, during our March trip to NE

My pride came in the form of my two sons tonight.  Pride, I know, one of those “deadly sins” they talk about.  Normally, I’m a big fan of wrath . . . but . . .  (Malcolm Reynolds reference there, everyone).  Still . . .

I headed home around 4:45 because one of the kids had gotten hurt.  Wasn’t anything major, no limbs hanging by a ligament only or another broken arm or concussion.  Just a small injury that needed my attention.  After that, though, I had to head to a meeting for Hannah’s confirmation.  Abbi is assistant director for her school’s play so I had all three of them with me tonight.

But the boys, scamps that they can be, were amazing.  I put chairs in the corner for them and allowed them to play their Game Boy 3DS systems during the meeting.  A teacher came up and asked if they’d pull in some garbage cans for the plates and cups that the parents and kids were using and they did so with no complaints and no grumbling.  In fact, they seemed happy to help.  When the meeting was over they put the cans away and helped fold up tables, stack chairs, all of it.

Bear in mind, they’re only 9.  That, and they are twins.

The boys were happy to help and sat, quietly, being very good for a more than two hour meeting that had no bearing on them.

After the meeting I had an array of people telling me how great the boys had been.

I beamed, I really did, and let them run around the gymnasium to burn off some of the energy they’d stored up.

I waited for the fall, for the other shoe to drop . . . but tonight at least it didn’t come.  I set out their clothes for Spring pictures, readied everything to get them set to go . . . and kissed them each on the head as I headed down to make lunches.

Some days . . . they make it seem so easy.

But there’s always tomorrow!

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