Kind of Bird

In 1999 or 2000 I was working on a story – on my own time with my own gear – on the kinds of musical acts that still came to Omaha, Nebraska, even without an arena or convention center.  The city had just started an exploratory committee on the subject of replacing the city’s Civic Auditorium.

In the midst of this, the band Gov’t Mule, fresh off the release of their album Life Before Insanity sent a release saying they were playing in Omaha.  I contacted their management and managed to get the band to play an acoustic song for the piece.  I just had to pick them up and get them to a studio, which I did.

This is that performance.  Singer, songwriter and guitarist Warren Haynes said he’d had a hard time since the gig the night before and wondered if they could do something instrumental.  When they had no ideas, Allen Woody, the bassist, threw out the idea of an Allman Brothers song from Shades of Two Worlds simply called Kind of Bird.  Warren and drummer Matt Abts agreed but said they’d likely never get through it since they hadn’t done an acoustic version before.

They were wrong, though.  It came out brilliant.  The old Carson-era mic was sitting in the corner and used at Warren and Allen’s insistence (which I later regretted, it sounds pretty bad).

The song never saw the light of day due to the fact that less than a month after shooting this, Allen Woody passed away.  With him died my story as I never had access to another band like I did with Gov’t Mule.  I also moved to Texas shortly after, resigning this performance to my personal tape archive until now . . . where I present it to you!

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