What are you looking forward to today?

On my train ride to work

This morning, on my way to make the light rail to work, I did what I have done numerous mornings for the last many months.  I sent a text to a friend of mine.  It’s not every morning, but I try on most days to send a simple “good morning” to her.  Why?  She’s, quite honestly, one of the best people I know.  Because of that, I feel she – of all people – deserves a “good morning” with no strings attached.  But she deserves one.

That said, it’s usually me saying that, her saying it back, and I smile and get on with my day.

Today, however, she responded with a question:

“Good morning.  What are you looking forward to today?”

I honestly had to think.
“Today?  Hmmm.”

That was my response.

But that question . . .  what am I looking forward to today?

That’s an interesting way of asking about my day, before it even begins.  It’s not a loaded question, but it is a challenging one.  I tried to formulate an answer.  What was my day looking like today?  I have a special I’m working on with an executive producer in our shop that has the makings of something really special.  I am setting up stories that I truly hope will make a difference.  I’m talking with people I’ve never met before.  I have a handful of investigative pieces I’m trying to turn as well.  All those are worthwhile, and sometimes stressful.

I am getting home at a certain point and the kids will run up and yell “Daddy!”  That always makes me smile, but I just dropped them off at school.  Something else should be what I’m looking forward to.  Not necessarily my daily grind.  Not the book I’m trying to ghost write for someone.  Not the documentary project I can’t seem to finish the trailer for.  Those are things I want desperately to finish . . . but am I looking forward to them?  No.  I can’t say that I am.  Not truthfully.

But in those split seconds where I was formulating what to say in honest answer to her question I realized this is something that could really be a way to look at my day.  It’s not a goal or a thought or a destination, it’s the thing I’m looking forward to.  What part of my day is something that I wait for depending on when it hits?

As I was still trying to formulate something about what I was hoping for in my day I found myself typing:
“Talking with you is always a highlight.”

As I was trying to formulate a real response, beyond that one, the phone rang.  Rather than a couple texts back-and-forth, which to be honest, I was perfectly happy with, I had a phone conversation that lasted my entire train ride . . . until the phone on the other end hemorrhaged data from the texts and emails she’d ignored while on the phone.

Know what?  It honestly was a highlight of my day.  I wasn’t joking when I wrote that.  And I’ll be honest with you, my day was good.  A co-worker’s day was falling to pieces . . . and I had an interview come through.  A co-worker couldn’t log onto their computer . . . and I had a segment for the special lined up.  I got a story tip.  All of those excellent, but I can trace the good day back to that hour conversation on the train.  It was a good day.

So now I sit and wonder, is there something I look forward to each day?  Tomorrow . . . it’s seeing the Tedeschi Trucks Band live at the Bob Hope Theater.  (Pics of which I’ll be texting to those unfortunate enough to NOT be going)

Maybe I won’t know what I’m looking forward to every day . . . but I’ll try.  I like the idea that you have something that meets or exceeds your expectation.

So . . . what are you looking forward to today?

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