Cooking with Dave!

I’ve said before that people don’t grasp that cooking real food . . . food you make at home with the kids watching you and all . . . is easier than you really think.  I’m no Bobbie Flay, but I can follow a recipe.  It’s not hard.  I know how to read and then as time progressed I began to experiment and vary the recipes.  I get that in the right hands, food is art.

Still, In caring for my kids alone I came to the realization that my kids were always more hyper, more angry, harder to control when they ate bought treats or foods.  It’s still that way, I just don’t have another person to help me care for them.  When I decided that my kids deserved what I had . . . an upbringing with the smell of homemade foods and treats wafting through the house, I started making food myself…everything right down to cookies and breads and cakes and all.

SO . . . here’s my first attempt at converting you.

A cooking segment.  Cooking with Dave.  Or as Abbi, my daughter called it, Davey Ray (rather than Rachel Ray).

Pizza is a staple in our home.  It takes longer to watch this than it really does to make it.  So please, avoid the grease, the cost, the preservatives . . . and know you can make your own pizza – right down to the crust!

Let me know what you think!

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