Do you do this Dad?

Homemade cookies from my kitchen

I was talking to my son last night and he mentioned how the roast he’d just had for dinner was “so tasty and moist.”  Before I get to the point, I was more than a little impressed that these are the words he’d use to describe his meal, not “yummy” or “great,” the typical adjectives of a 9-year-old.  But he went on a tangent to describe just how the roast was prepared, cooked, seasoned, all of it.  He knew more details about this meal’s preparations than I could have discerned myself.

“Do you do this, Dad?” was his next question.

The answer?  Well…yes, somewhat.

His curiosity was about the preparations, the utensils and the cooker used, all of that.  He was curious if this was something that I’d advocated and adopted as well.  It was.

My son, Noah, one of the 9-year-old twins of the family, is always very curious about how the meals are cooked and constantly asks if he can help to do the cooking.  Now, sure, it would be much easier to say I am in a hurry and tell him to go play Wii or other item but that would really not help things much.  He wants to help, even if it might take him twice as long as normal to do it, he’ll get it right.  I remember being that way as a kid and I don’t seem to remember being told “no” very often either.  If that’s my recollection than it’s best if I carry on that activity.

The other reason I do this is to have them all learn.  Even if they’re sitting there at the table or at the couch I make sure they hear what I’m doing.   When they ask what is in our dinner I tell them and recount how it’s made during dinner so that they get an idea of what’s contained and how we made it.  If I can’t get them all interested in learning how to cook at the very least I can get them to learn by Osmosis.

And Osmosis seems to be working.  I use that Crock Pot a lot…stew that cooks all day, using wine and fresh herbs and whatever else I have around to make it…and they lap it up.  I make a roast in there that’s “moist and delicious.”  I have made Minestrone and other soups and foods.  Chicken and biscuits.  You name it, I’ve tried to do it.  I’m not an amazing chef, I don’t suppose, but I can cook a meal.

So when my son asks “Dad, do you do this?” I can answer with a small amount of certainty: yes…yes I do.

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