Come tomorrow, will I be older?

OK, it’s an old song lyric, but thought it fit.

Not a major or long post today.  I will say that you should check in tomorrow . . . I hope to blog throughout the day about my 2nd annual road trip.

Last year I made a trip South to Los Angeles, driving the PCH to see the beach, the ocean, and feel the wind, etc.

This year I’m driving again . . . you’ll get to see pictures here and maybe some narration or captions.

I have had the occasional critic or relative or friend hit me up wondering why I’d drive somewhere and not visit my kids.  The lack of understanding, though, is staggering.  I’m not flying to Nebraska because I can’t get the time.  A weekend trip won’t work, there’s 4-5 hours if you have a direct flight . . . then four more to my hometown.  That’s the same going back.  So I get, what, half a day to see them?  Not worth it.

I am in the middle of a ratings period at work.  The management is pushing hard on programming that we have as a great advantage for us . . . and they’re right.  I’m not angry nor are they being unreasonable.  This is why my kids have to leave every summer.

But they are safe and happy and miss me, but that’s livable.  We talk every night.

Still, I have no desire to be in town, alone, on my and Hannah’s birthday.  So I’m on the road again, something I can do in a day or so.

Stay tuned.  You’ll see.

One thought on “Come tomorrow, will I be older?”

  1. Not that it’s my place, but I’m officially letting you off the hook for taking time to find your own open road. Are you kidding me with the critics? Even if you could see your kids, it is important for you to take your very own self off on holiday. Trust your gut. A happy pop = a happy family. Yay adventure! Go immerse yourself!

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