Yer So Bad

So . . . after a horribly insane day with IRS customer disservice and repairing house destruction performed by my children I decided we’d blow off some steam.

So take this opportunity before my children strangle me, to watch the video version of today’s blog, with an intro by me (recorded at 1:30am).

The impetus is that in our old house there was a ledge that matched the one Tom Petty sat on to play his original version of this. Couldn’t fit up there before we moved so we all decided, for fun, to learn this. In 2 hours’ time we learned the song, sort of by ear, and recorded it for my very dear friend Ann Marie. Enjoy!

One thought on “Yer So Bad”

  1. Awesome! You will be glad you have this video many years from now. I have maybe one photo of all the kids jamming together and wish I had a video or something more now that they’re no longer kids but young adults.

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