A weekend BBQ

Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce to Start…

OK . . . it’s an inaugural recipe.  I plan to shoot some little cooking segments as well . . . not Bobbie Flay, but Davey Ray maybe.

But to start off, we plan on eating our annual Memorial Day BBQ today, and through much modification, work, and years of planning, here’s a recipe that’s easy and quick for your holiday and is perfect for the single Dad/Mom to put together.  Just takes a little planning.  So here’s your stuff:

Wet BBQ Brisket

You’ll need:

–  1 full or 1/2 beef brisket.  If, like me, you’re in CA and kind a freaking brisket to save your soul, you can substitute a Sirloin Tri-Tip

–  One medium or large onion, skinned, cut into quarters

–  2-3 tsp sea salt

–  2-3 tsp fresh ground pepper

– 2 Bottles Jack Daniels BBQ sauce.  (I found this works best so far for the recipe, but use what you like)
–  There are other ways, and you can make your own, but if you’re in the typical sole parent hurry…this works

–   2/3 cup Black Strap Molasses.  (Or original.  Similar, Black Strap is a little more bold)

–  1 tbsp liquid smoke

–  One 12 oz. bottle or can of stout or dark beer.  (I prefer Guiness)


Use the sea salt and pepper to season your brisket.  Over a high heat, on grill or cast iron skillet sear and brown all sides of the seasoned meat.  While it cooks, prepare the sauce:
Pour your sauce, either homemade or Jack Daniels, into a large bowl.  Add the molasses and liquid smoke and stir until well blended.
Place your browned brisket into a roasting or cast iron roaster, fat side up (this lets it moisten the meat as it cooks) in the pan.  Pour your sauce over top of the brisket.  Add the bottle/can of beer to the pan.  Stir until just blended in.
Place your onion quarters on top of the meat so the favor saturates throughout.
If grilling use offset heating.  Light your grill, bring to temperature, then turn off one side of the burners.  Turn the remaining side to low.  Place your pan on the unlit side.
Let the meat slow cook through most of your day.  I usually do the preps around 7am and we’re cooking by 7:30 or 8.  If you plan on afternoon you have a 6-8 hour brisket ready.
Baste occasionally, but careful to let the onion stay on top your meat so the flavors blend.

I’ll usually serve with corn and a cheddar-mashed potatoes, but add your own sides to make as you wish.

The combination of flavors seems to do well and I’ve never had any complaints.

Bear in mind that this is not a DRY RUB or a SMOKED BBQ recipe.  This is a wet, sauce-based brisket.  If you prefer the others, well, I will have to get working on that later on down the road.


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